Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the board Harry Palmer incorporated Bellows Systems, Inc. in March 1980.  Bellows Systems’ business and product roots can be traced back as far as 1894.

 In 1980 Palmer and his partner Dick Wells bought the assets of Circle Weld Company, Circle Bellows and Woolley Bellows from Chromalloy American Corporation.  These companies had been in business in California and Texas since 1951.  This purchase continued the tradition of a high-grade product line of manifolds for large industrial internal combustion engines; bellows expansion joints, and metal hoses for numerous worldwide applications.  Bellows Systems expanded its expansion joint technology in 1986 through the purchase of Kopperman Industries of Norristown, Pennsylvania.  Kopperman Industries began operations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1894.  All the assets and engineering data were moved to the Odessa, Texas corporate headquarters.  Bellows Systems expanded its ability to meet its customer’s needs by starting a Custom Fabrication Department in the fall of 2001.  This department is currently working with companies in the generation industry and the gas and oil industries.

 Bellows Systems looks forward to working with you to meet your special needs.