Manufacturer of standard & custom metal bellows, tubes, ducts, fittings & components. Various materials include Monel®, Inconel®, Corten®, Ni-200, Hastelloy®, titanium & 300 stainless steel. Expansion joints, exhaust manifolds, gaskets, assemblies, refractories, special flanges, liners, insulation jackets, covers, wire braid, anchors, limit-rods & root-rings are also available. Capabilities include structural fabrication, welding, bellows forming & designing. Industries served include military, commercial, private aircraft & missile systems. Meets MIL-W-8611A, MIL-W-6858C & MIL-T-5021D Spec. & ASME Section VIII standards.



Automatic tungsten-arc and plasma-arc machines produce perfect tubes of specially selected metal...and unite the thin bellows with thicker, easily welded end-pieces.  Manual and automatic welding processes meet all current requirements for TIG, MIG, plasma, arc, gas, resistance, spot welding, and brazing.

WELDED THIN-WALL TUBES - Give Bellows Systems your requirements for duct-work, tubing, and fittings from 10-gauge through 28-gauge material.  Experienced welders and metal workers make short work of such fabrication.


Bellows Systems own precision equipment quickly converts seam-welded tubes into the configuration, movements, and spring rates best suited to your a variety of shapes including rectangular or oval in either single-ply or multi-ply. Bellows Systems is fully experienced in combining a variety of materials such as Monel, Inconel, Corten, Ni-200, Hastelloy, Titanium, and the full range of 300-series stainless steels.  Customers are invited to specify other metals where conditions warrant.


Where parameters are restricted by size requirements or operating conditions, let Bellows Systems design the optimum configuration and materials for you.  With literally thousands of drawings on file, chances are a ready answer already exists or a special unit can be designed at minimal cost.