We are one of the Pioneers of the Expansion Joint industry and a Leader in supplying the most comprehensive line of METAL BELLOWS, EXPANSION JOINTS & EXHAUST MANIFOLD SYSTEMS

Based in Houston, the Energy Capital of the World, Bellows Systems designs and manufactures metal bellows, expansion joints, exhaust systems and associated products. Our products are used in diverse industries such as Oil and Gas Transmission, Petrochemical plants and Refineries, Power Generation, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense and many more. 

Bellows Systems is capable of custom design and manufacture of wide range of bellows and expansion joints. Bellows Systems also has a large portfolio of standard designs for the different industry applications. 



The story of our success

Bellows Systems, Inc. (BSI) is a privately held business incorporated in the State of Texas in February 1980. Bellows Systems draws it heritage and experience from innovative companies such as Woolley Tool and Manufacturing, a division of Chromalloy Woolley (Odessa, TX), Circle Bellows and Welding Company (Burbank, CA) and Kopperman Industries (Norristown, PA) with their history going back to 1894. In January 2019, Bellows Systems relocated its Odessa, TX and Ventura, CA plants to Houston, TX as part of a major restructuring to update and modernize our operations and to serve our clients better.


A Culture of Caring

Bellows Systems, Inc. fosters a culture of caring. We care about safety, about each other, about the work we do and about the Company. We believe that our culture of caring will allow the organization to grow and provide consistent value to our Clients.

Care about SAFETY

  • I am focused on personal safety and don’t compromise on it.
  • I develop, share and maintain correct safety habits to create a Safe Work Environment.

Care about WORK

  • I take pride in my work. The quality of my work is a direct reflection that I care.
  • I work accurately, take time to understand the task and ask questions if I have doubts. I do the task right the first time and eliminate wastage (NCRs).
  • I complete my tasks on time and understand that it is critical to deliver a job on schedule.
  • I keep my work area clean and organized.

Care about EACH OTHER

  • I respect my co-workers, their time and effort. I look-out for their safety and well-being.
  • I communicate with my co-workers, share best practices and lessons learnt and provide them feedback.
  • I am thankful to my co-workers when they provide me feedback. I don’t view it as criticism but as an opportunity to grow and do better.

Care about COMPANY

  • I take pride in being part of the Company and care about its success.
  • It matters to me that the Company can provide our Clients with quality products at the right cost and on time.
  • I am a direct contributor to the success of the Company and I succeed when it does.

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Whether you are looking for Standard Bellows or Custom Expansion Joints, Bellows Systems can deliver.