Multi Ply Bellows are designed for applications that have high temperature & pressure conditions

Multi-Ply bellows are primarily used in high-pressure bellows applications where using a Single ply of material for a given pressure rating at a given temperature does not provide the spring rate low enough for the application. They usually tend to be a series of lower gauge plies which improves the cycle life, safety and flexibility compared to a similarly rated single ply bellows by reducing overall stress and decreasing the spring rate.

These bellows are made up of N number of thin metal sheets of a specified design thickness. These bellows are particularly designed for the application of high temperature and high pressure conditions (>150PSIG @1000F). It can be extremely flexible in all directions, excellent vibration damper, very short compared to single ply with similar flexibility and have greater cycle life. Use of multi-ply bellows can dramatically reduce risk of leaks or failure of bellows due to metal fatigue.

If you are unsure of what kind of bellows design is right for you contact our engineers today and we will provide you with the right bellows for your application. Multi-ply metal bellows manufactured by Bellows Systems are in accordance with the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA) guidelines.

In addition to multi-ply bellows element, Bellows Systems manufactures high pressure bellows by incorporating Root Rings and Equalizing Rings in the design. Our root reinforced bellows designs are utilized in critical high pressure boiler and process applications.

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Bellows Manufacturing and Testing:

We at Bellows systems Inc do rigorous testing on our high-pressure metal bellows as part of manufacturing including lowpressure air testing, highpressure hydro tests, fluorescent dye penetrant tests, radiographic tests, and helium leak tests.

We have AWS B2.1 certified TIG Welders for custom bellows and AWS D17.1 certified GTAW weld operators for all aerospace bellows and achieve high reliability and consistent performance.

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