Exhaust Bellows for ALCO Engines

Bellows Systems Inc has been manufacturing Exhaust Products for a wide range industrial engines and turbines for over 50 years. These products include exhaust Expansion Joints, Manifolds and other exhaust components for diesel and dual fuel engines brands such as ALCO, Fairbanks-Morse Colt-Pielstick and MAN Diesel.  

Bellows Systems ALCO engine exhaust expansion joints are Direct replacement for OEM-Exhaust Expansion Joints.

ALCO Diesel Engines: 

Design and Features:

  • Design Temperature: Exhaust gases at 1000°F max. 
  • Design Pressure: 60 PSIG  
  • Axial Movement:  2-1/2″ Rated (1″ Extension, 2 ½” Compression) 
  • Lateral Movement:  ± 3/8” Comb. life cycle: Min. 1000 cycles 
  • NDE: Fluorescent dye-penetrant test all welds 
  • Installed with shipping bars (color coated yellow) with unit compressed 1/2″. 
  • Remove shipping bars during final bolt-up and prior to start-up or testing.

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