Bellows Systems products find varied application in power generation industry from coal to nuclear power plants. Our Exhaust System products are also used in industrial stand-by generation.

Power Gen


  • Gas Turbine Exhaust 
      • Solar Gas Turbines (Saturn, Centaur, Taurus, Mars and all other models)
      • GE LM series Industrial Gas Tubines
      • Siemens SGT series Industrial Gas Turbines
    • Steam Boiler Bellows 
    • Exhaust Scrubber Bellows 
    • Heat Exchanger Bellows 
    • Cooling Tower Downpipe Expansion Joints 
    • Nuclear – Inlet / Outlet to Boiler Feed Water Pumps 
    • Penetration Seal Bellows 
    • Exhaust Manifolds for Industrial Diesel Generators

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