Metal Bellows for Power Generation Industrial Applications

Bellows Systems products find varied application in power generation industry from coal to nuclear power plants. Our Exhaust System products are also used in industrial stand-by generation.

Power Gen


  • Gas Turbine Exhaust 
      • Solar Gas Turbines (Saturn, Centaur, Taurus, Mars and all other models)
      • GE LM series Industrial Gas Tubines
      • Siemens SGT series Industrial Gas Turbines
    • Steam Boiler Bellows 
    • Exhaust Scrubber Bellows 
    • Heat Exchanger Bellows 
    • Cooling Tower Downpipe Expansion Joints 
    • Nuclear – Inlet / Outlet to Boiler Feed Water Pumps 
    • Penetration Seal Bellows 
    • Exhaust Manifolds for Industrial Diesel Generators

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    Whether you are looking for Standard Bellows or Custom Expansion Joints, Bellows Systems can deliver.