Bellows Systems offers a full suite of Services; Engineering , Fabrication and Testing.

Engineering Services

With an experienced in-house team, Bellows Systems provides full Engineering support for all our products. We can custom design bellows to suit your application needs per the desired requirements and standards. We also have the capability to develop new designs and verify client’s bellows designs. 

Custom Design Services

    • per EJMA 10th edition
    • per ASME VIII
    • per ASME B31.1 , ASME B31.3

New Design Services

    • Develop new designs per client requirements

Support Services

    • Engineering Support
    • Verification of client’s bellows designs

Design Tools

    • Autodesk AutoCAD
    • Autodesk Inventor
    • Advanced design analysis tools
    • Abacus FEA
Fabrication Services

Our highly skilled and trained fabrication team is well experienced in both manual and semi-automatic welding procedures such as Gas Tungsten arc welding, Gas Metal arc welding and Flux-Cored arc welding. Bellows Systems has the capability to do over 100 qualified welding procedures covering various material combinations. 

In House Team

    • Skilled welders
    • Trained sheet metal workers

Welding Procedures

    • Over 100 qualified welding procedures
    • Various material combinations covered

Manual Procedures

    • Gas Tungsten arc welding

Semi-Automatic Procedures

    • Gas Metal arc welding
    • Flux-Cored arc welding


    • ASME Section IX
    • AWS D1.1, AWS D17.1, AWS D17.2, AWS B2.2 
Testing and Qualification

Bellows Systems performs extensive testing and qualification in-house of its products. We have full capability to perform a wide range of tests in house. Advanced testing such as UT and RT are performed on-site by qualified third party personnel.

Our standard products have been qualified through cyclic fatigue, pressure and axial spring rate validation testing.

Non Destructive Examination

    • Visual and Dimensional
    • PT (Dye Penetrant Testing)
    • Fluorescent Dye Penetrant
    • MT (external contractor)
    • UT (external contractor)
    • RT (external contractor)

Mechanical Testing

    • Cyclic Fatigue Testing
    • Bellows Spring Rate Validation Test
    • Leak Testing
    • Pneumatic pressure Test
    • Hydrostatic Pressure Test

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