Bellows Systems is a major supplier of innovative products for the oil  and gas industry. Our products find application in all sectors upstream, midstream and downstream of the industry.

Oil and Gas
  • Bellows and Expansion Joints for Natural Gas Compressor Engine Manifold Assemblies
  • Expansion Joints for Exhaust Piping from Engine Manifold to Turbocharger
  • Exhaust Manifolds for Integral Compressor Engines
  • Downhole Instrument / Data logging Bellows / Vacuum Flask Bellows
  • Artificial/ Gas Lift Bellows
  • Expansion Joints for Exhaust from Engine Manifold to Exhaust Silencer
  • Production Riser Flexible Joint Bellows
  • Expansion Joints for Gas Turbine Exhaust Ducting
  • Exhaust Components for Drill Rig and Frac Unit Power plants

At Bellows Systems, we are proud of our heritage as pioneers in developing solutions for the natural gas compression market for many decades. Our exhaust bellows and Exhaust Manifolds are used in all current and legacy brands of integral compressor engines.

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Whether you are looking for Standard Bellows or Custom Expansion Joints, Bellows Systems can deliver.