Alloy 230 (UNS: N06230)

Bellows Materials Alloy 230
Trade Name Haynes 230
Description A nickel-chromium-tungsten-molybdenum alloy, designed to combine excellent high temperature strength, oxidation resistance (up to 2100 °F), nitriding resistance and long term stability.
Application Notes Alloy 230 is a solid-solution-strengthened material which combines excellent high-temperature strength with good fabricability at room temperature. It is particularly effective for prolonged exposure at temperatures of 1200 °F (649 °C) or more.
Industry Uses / Products Enduring temperatures as high as 2100°F (1149° C), HS 230 plates are ideal for aerospace applications, including Combustion cans, Gas turbine components Transition ducts
BSI Products High temperature Bellows
UNS N06230
Specifications ASTM B435, ASME SB-435, AMS 5878

Material Properties

Density, ρ, lbs/in^3 0.327
Yield Strength, Sy, Psi 45000
Tensile Strength, Su, Psi 110000
Elongation % 40

Chemical Compostion, %

Nickel, Ni 57
Molybdenum, Mo 2
Chromium, Cr 22
Tungsten, T 14

Other Comments

Is capable of outlasting stainless steels and nickel alloys by as much as 100 to 1 depending upon the temperature

Alloy 242 (UNS: N10242)

Bellows Materials Alloy 242
Trade Name Haynes 242
Description An age-hardenable nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy which derives its strength from a long-range-ordering reaction upon aging.
Application Notes It has tensile and creep strength properties up to 1300°F (705°C) which are as much as double those for solid solution strengthened alloys, but with high ductility in the aged condition. The thermal characteristics of 242 alloy are much lower than those for most other alloys, and it has very good oxidation resistance up to 1500°F(815°C). Other attractive features include excellent low cycle fatigue properties, very good thermal stability, and resistance to high-temperature fluorine and fluoride environments.
UNS N10242
Specifications ASTM B434, ASME SB-435, AMS 5879

Material Properties

Density, ρ, lbs/in^3 0.327

Chemical Compostion, %

Iron, Fe 2
Nickel, Ni 63
Molybdenum, Mo 25
Chromium, Cr 8
Manganese, Mg 0.8
Cobalt 1

Alloy 244

Bellows Materials Alloy 244
Trade Name Haynes 244
Description A new Ni-Mo-Cr-W alloy developed for static parts in advanced gas turbine engines which require low thermal expansion at temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C).
Application Notes It offers a higher maximum use temperature than other low thermal expansion alloys currently available, including a 100-200°F (55-110°C) improvement over HAYNES® 242® alloy. The alloy is age-hardenable.
Specifications ASTM B435, ASME SB-435, AMS 5880

Material Properties

Density, ρ, lbs/in^3 0.335

Chemical Compostion, %

Iron, Fe 2
Nickel, Ni 60
Molybdenum, Mo 22.5
Chromium, Cr 8
Manganese, Mg 0.8
Tungsten, T 6