Alloy 201 (UNS: N02201)

Bellows Materials Alloy 201
Description A wrought commercially pure Nickel with a maximum carbon level of 0.02%. This alloy provides highly ductile mechanical properties across a wide temperature range.It provides corrosion resistance in neutral to moderately reducing environments. Nickel 201 is ferromagnetic. It provides high thermal and electrical conductivity in comparison to nickel-base alloys, stainless and low alloy steels. Because of its low carbon content (.02% max.) Nickel 201 may be considered for service above 600 °F (316 °C), where alloy 200 with higher carbon content is not recommended.
UNS N02201

Material Properties

Density, ρ, lbs/in^3 0.322
Yield Strength, Sy, Psi 12000
Tensile Strength, Su, Psi 50000
Elongation % 30
Youngs Modulus, E psi 28000000