Thick Wall Expansion Joint for large diameter piping in heat exchanger applications

Thick Wall Expansion Joint designs are identified by a thick ply and high convolution height. They are typically used in heat exchanger applications. Thick wall expansion bellows are usually are manufactured in single convolution with one or more thick ply’s usually starting from 0.125” (~3.2mm) thickness and up.

Bellows Systems designs both Lens Type and Flanged and Flued Type thick wall expansion joints. Flanged and Flued Expansion Joints typically have higher stiffness and absorb less axial deflection compared to lens type Thick Walled Expansion Joints.

Applicable design codes include ASME B&PV Code Sec. VIII Div-1, Appendix 5 ASME B&PV Code Sec. VIII Div-1 Appendix 26 and EJMA.The most common application for thicker wall/flanged and flued expansion joints is heat exchangers and large diameter piping systems.

The benefit of thick bellows material typically is the same as the heat exchanger shell, which is typically low alloy carbon steel. Stainless steel and nickel alloys are also available as material options.

Standard materials include,

    • Carbon and low alloy steels
    • 300 series and duplex stainless steels
    • High nickel Alloys
    • Aluminum

Standard features

    • Wide range of sizes 
    • Custom convolution height
    • Thickness range from 0.072” – 0.625”

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