Bellows Systems provides DeLaval (Enterprise) Engine Exhaust Manifolds and other Exhaust Systems Components

Bellows Systems, Inc. manufactures Expansion Joints for DeLaval engine exhaust manifolds. We provide complete exhaust manifolds and Expansion Joint kit or sub-assemblies for the following DeLaval engine type.

  • HA-6 Exhaust Manifold, Manifold to Turbo Expansion Joint
  • HV-8, HVA-8 Exhaust Manifold
  • HV-12, HVA-12, Exhaust Manifold
  • HV-16, HVA-16 Exhaust Manifold, Fuel Gas Header Expansion Joint (Mod)
  • HVA-20 Exhaust Manifold 

With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of DeLaval engine systems and parts, we are one of the top choices in the industry. If you want to learn more about in our DeLaval engine exhaust manifolds or any of the other products we offer on our site, be sure to contact one of our team members at (800) 233-0623 or email us at

Our products from DeLaval / Enterprise Engine Exhaust Systems include,

  • New Exhaust Manifold Kits
  • Re-manufactured Exhaust Manifolds
  • Exhaust Expansion Joints
  • Fuel Gas Header Expansion joint
  • Replacement Tube Sheets
  • Replacement Exhaust Piping
  • Outer Jacket
  • Elbow, Manifold to Turbo
  • SS Clad Double Jacketed Gaskets
  • Insulation Blankets

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