Brass 80/20 (UNS: C24000)

Bellows Materials Brass 80/20
Trade Name Low Brass; CuZn20
Description Copper-Zinc alloy with good corrosion resistance in fresh water. Not resistant to acids.
Industry Uses /Products Bellows, Flexible Hose
BSI Products Bellows
UNS C24000
Specifications ASTM B36

Material Properties

Poisson’s Ratio 0.34 ν

Chemical Compostion, %

Copper, Cu 78.5 – 81.5
Zinc, Z 20

Phosphor Bronze (UNS: C51000)

Bellows Materials Phosphor Bronze
Trade Name Phosphor Bronze “5%A”
Description Copper-Lead alloy with good resistance to stress corrosion cracking.
UNS C51000
Specifications ASTM B504

Material Properties

Yield Strength 36250 Sy, Psi
Tensile Strength 45000 Su, Psi
Elongation 45%
Poisson’s Ratio 0.33 ν

Chemical Composition, %

Copper, Cu 94.8
Tin, Sn 4.2 – 5.8
Phosphorus, P 0.03 – 0.35

Beryllium Copper (UNS: C17200)

Bellows Materials Beryllium Copper
Description Copper-Beryllium alloy has high strength and non-magnetic properies along with good corrosion resistance.
Industry Uses /Products Instrument Bellows, Precision Bellows
UNS C17200
Specifications ASTM B194

Material Properties

Yield Strength 28000 Sy, Psi
Tensile Strength 60000 Su, Psi
Elongation 35%
Poisson’s Ratio 0.33 ν