Aftermarket Exhaust and inlet expansion joints for Solar Gas Turbines

At Bellows Systems, we manufacture gas turbine exhaust expansion joints able to withstand high-temperature exhaust gases generated at high flow velocity such as the one created inside a Gas Turbine Exhaust System.

We currently carry Exhaust Expansion Joints for almost all models and variants of Solar Gas Turbines models including,

  • Saturn 20 – 18″ SS Expansion Joint
  • Centaur 40/40S – SS Expansion Joint
  • Centaur 50/50S – SS Expansion Joint
  • Taurus 60/60S – SS Expansion Joint
  • Taurus 70 – SS Expansion Joint
  • Mars 100 – SS Expansion Joint

The Expansion Joints are a critical part of turbine exhaust duct system. Turbine units create intense conditions, which consist of extreme heat, vibrations and flutter. Bellows Systems metal Expansion Joints for Solar Turbines have been design to better resist fatigue failure due to these conditions.

In addition to Exhaust Expansion Joints for Solar Gas Turbines, Bellows Systems can also provide the air inlet Expansion Joints. The composite fabric expansion joints can be custom manufactured to suite your installation.

At Bellow Systems, we carry forty-plus years of experience in the industry, providing some of the highest quality made Gas Turbine Expansion Joints available on the market today. Contact us today to discover more about our products.

Standard components and materials for Exhaust Expansion Joints for Solar Gas Turbines

  • Bellows Material – 321 SS, Optional 316L SS bellows available
  • Bellows Type – One-ply metal bellows.
  • Liner & Weld Ends – 0.050″, 304 SS or 321 SS
  • Flanges – Carbon Steel Plate, optional 304 SS, 316 SS available

on request, bellows material, type, flange material can be changed. To see a list of materials and bellows options, refer to our metal bellows or single expansion joints page.

Custom Orders: 

Special designs for retrofit to OEM V-Band (Marman) Clamp Fittings and Mixed-Size Flanges can be furnished in special order.

Service Recommendation & Limits:

Design Pressure and Temperature: Engine Exhausts Gases 15 Psig at 1,000 deg. F

Movements: Maximum for Normal Bellows Life.

  • Compression – 3 inch
  • Extension – 1.5 inch
  • Lateral Offset – 0.5 inch
  • Spring Rate (axial): ~150 lbs/in

Installation Note: 

Recommended open length as near to free length as possible for optimum life.

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