Caterpillar Exhaust Expansion Joints | Bellows systems

Exhaust Bellows and Expansion Joints for Caterpillar Engines

Bellows Systems provides high-performance aftermarket Exhaust Bellows and Expansion Joints for medium to large Caterpillar Engines used in gas compression, marine propulsion, standby power, and other applications. Bellows Systems Exhaust Expansion Joints provides Multi-ply Bellows with superior cycle life for protection against fatigue failure. Avoid costly downtime by choosing Bellows Systems Exhaust Bellows.

Bellows Systems Exhaust Bellows and Expansion Joints for Caterpillar Engines,

  •  3208 (NA)
  •  3304 (T), 3304 (NA)
  •  3306 (NA), 3306 (T) MOBILE/ INDUSTRIAL 
  •  3406 (TA), 3406 (T)
  •  3408 (NA), 3408 (TA), 3408 (T), 3408 (T) MOBILE 
  •  3412 (TA), 3412(T), 3412 (T) MOBILE 
  •  311 (NA)
  •  D342 (T), D342 (NA), G342 (NA), G342 (TA)
  •  D343 (TA), G343 (TA), G343 (NA)
  •  D346 (TA)
  •  D348 (TA)
  •  D349 (TA)
  •  D353 (TA), G353 (TA), G353 (NA)
  •  D379 (TA), G379 (TA), G379 (NA)
  •  D398 (TA), G398 (NA), G398 (TA)
  •  D399 (TA), G399 (TA), G399 (NA)
  •  3508LE, 3508B
  •  3512B
  •  3516

Caterpillar Engine Types:

  • (NA) refers to “Natural Aspirated”
  • (T) refers to “Turbocharged”
  • (TA) refers to “Turbo-Charged-Aftercooled” Engines.

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Standard components and materials for exhaust expansion joints for Caterpillar engines,

Bellows Material – 0.010″ or 0.012″ thk. 321 Stainless Steel.
Bellows Type – Standard two-ply metal bellows.
Weld Ends – 0.050″ thk. 304 or 321 SS
Flanges – Carbon Steel Plate.

On request, bellows material, type, flange material can be changed. To see a list of materials and bellows options, refer to our metal bellows or single expansion joints page.

Special Orders:
Special designs such as Weld-Necks, V-Band Clamp Fittings, and custom Flanges can be furnished on special order.

Service Recommendation & Limits:
Pressure – Engine Exhausts Gases 10 Psig at 1,000 deg. F
Movements – Maximum for Normal Bellows Life.
Compression – 1 inch
Extension – 0.5 inch
Lateral Offset – 0.5 inch

To Prevent damage to turbochargers and bellows – Disconnect on the flange and block airflow during all moving operations

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