Single Expansion Joint

This type of expansion joint is equipped with a bellows element and end connections like collars, liners, and covers. The bellows will deflect in any direction or any plane depend on the pipe movement. It is the low cost effective, but requires that the piping be controlled to the direction of the movements of the unit. The pipe expansion joint should not be expected to control the movement of the pipe. If the piping analysis shows that the pipe expansion joint must accept axial compression, then the piping must be guided and constrained so that only that movement will occur.

Singe Expansion Joints are least expensive elements and this expansion joint will not resist any deflections with any force other than the resistance of the bellows, which is a function of the spring rate times the deflection amount. It is incapable of resisting the pressure thrust along its axis, which is the product of the pressure times the effective, or cross sectional, area of the bellows. Large diameter units, even with low pressures.

Single expansion joint is an assembled product of various components like bellows, liners, flanges, tie rods, limit rods, collars. Bellows Systems Inc has 50+ years of experience in manufacturing single expansion joints for various industries. We are Bellows Systmes Inc take any type of custom inputs in designing expansion joints and have experience with both ferrous (304 SS, 321 SS, 304L SS, 347 SS, 310 SS, 316 SS, 316L) and non ferrous (Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 800H, Incoloy 825, Carpenter Alloy 20 c53, Hasteloy C-276, Nickel 200, Monel 400) material.

Single expansion joint

Standard 2D Line Drawing of Single Expansion Joint

Weld-In Expansion Joint With Liner (No Orifice)

Std. Pipe SizeBSI Part NumberIDOALNo. Of ConsAxial MovementLateral Movement
4969-210-45934.039.6258-1/2 +1/4+3/16
5969-210-55105.05116-1/2 +1/4+3/16
6969-210-66136.0410.3756-1/2 +1/4+3/16
8969-210-86127.9812.62511-1 +1/2+3/16
10969-210-111210.0212.62511-1 +1/2+3/16
12969-210-13121212.6258-1 +1/2+3/16

Weld-In Expansion Joint With Liner (Orificed)

Std. Pipe SizeBSI Part NumberIDOALNo. Of ConsAxial MovementLateral Movement
4969-210-04103.499.62514-7/8 +7/16+3/16
5969-210-05104.491111-1 +1/2+3/16
6969-210-06105.4910.37512-1 +1/2+3/16
8969-210-08137.4512.62516-1 1/2 +3/4+3/16
10969-210-10139.4912.62516-1 1/2 +3/4+3/16
12969-210-121311.4612.62512-1 1/2 +5/8+3/16