Bellows Systems Inc, recently shipped a 36 Inch custom Pressure balanced expansion joint to a major aerospace engine manufacturer. This pressure-balanced expansion joint will be used in a jet engine test facility in Florida to upgrade existing piping.

36 inch Custom Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint

The project was delivered within 10 weeks from design concept to delivery. As per the client’s requirement, we used Stainless Steel 304 Grade to build this 36-inch x 120-inch Expansion Joint.

A Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint (Elbow type) is normally a double bellows Expansion Joint with a side outlet between the bellows. The ends of the bellows are tied together so that as one bellows compresses due to axial movement, the opposing bellows open an equivalent amount.

Bellows Systems Inc designs and manufactures metal bellows, expansion joints, exhaust systems, and associated products. Our products are used in diverse industries such as Oil and Gas Transmission, Petrochemical plants and Refineries, Power Generation, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, and many more.