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Exhaust Bellows and Expansion Joints for Cooper Engines

Bellows Systems manufactures and stocks OEM and aftermarket bellows and expansion joints for a complete line of Cooper Engines.

In addition to standard parts, our catalogue includes an extensive list of premium expansion joints that provide performance upgrades over OEM designs and have become industry standard for dependable performance and long service life.

Order by Cooper part number or check our easy cross-reference for corresponding BSI part numbers.


C-B Part # C-B Superceded # BSI Part #
2-05P-002-001 969-623-0410
2-05P-002-002 969-623-1210
2-05P-002-003 969-623-1216
2-05P-002-004 969-623-0406
2-05P-002-005 969-623-0456
2-05P-002-006 969-623-1613
2-05P-002-007 969-623-1804
2-05P-002-008 969-623-1612
2-05P-003-001 2-05P-003 969-823-2407
2-05P-021-001 969-653-5507
2-05P-021-002 969-653-5506
2-05P-021-003 969-653-5508
2-05P-021-201 969-653-5907
2-05P-021-202 969-653-0606-01
2-05P-021-203 969-653-0608-01
2-05P-021-401 969-653-0406
2-05P-023-202 969-653-0609
2-05P-023-203 969-653-0608
2-05P-029-001 969-653-0610
2-05P-033-001 969-653-6706
2-05P-063-001 969-653-1908
2-05P-129-130 969-823-1420
2-05P-135-001 969-623-2424
2-05P-136-001 969-623-2813
2-05P-164-001 2-05P-009-002 969-823-3607
2-05P-164-002 2-05P-009-004 969-823-3006
2-05P-164-003 2-05P-009-009 969-823-2807
2-05P-164-004 2-05P-009-001 969-623-2007
2-05P-164-005 2-05P-009-003 969-823-1606
2-05P-164-006 2-05P-009-010 969-823-1606-01
2-05P-164-007 2-05P-009-006 969-653-0810
2-05P-164-008 2-05P-009-005 969-823-4007
2-05P-164-009 2-05P-009-012 969-653-2611
2-05P-164-010 969-623-0612
2-05P-164-011 969-623-0406
2-05P-164-012 969-623-1106
2-05P-164-013 969-623-2006
2-05P-164-014 969-623-0616
2-05P-164-015 969-623-0617
2-05P-164-016 969-623-0618
2-05P-164-017 969-623-0619
2-05P-164-018 969-623-0620
2-05P-164-019 969-623-0621
2-05P-164-020 969-653-0520
2-05P-164-021 969-653-1307
2-05P-009-007 969-653-1206
2-05P-009-008 969-823-4006

With over four decades of expertise, we continue to innovate and provide superior products for a whole range of integral compressor engines.

Contact us for a complete list of bellows, expansion joints, and exhaust system products.  Proudly supporting the American Gas Compression Industry.


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MTU 16v4000 Exhaust Bellows supplied for a Luxury Mega Yacht

Main Engine Exhaust Bellows for MTU 16v4000

We offer best in class quality and customer services.

Our multi-ply bellows are used in engine exhaust for marine main propulsion engines, onboard generators, and auxiliary power units. The engines we support include,

  •       Caterpillar
  •       Cummins
  •       Detroit Diesel
  •       Fairbanks Morse
  •       MAN Diesel
  •       Wartsila
  •       MTU and more   

Our products are used in commercial Tug boats, Barges, Pleasure Boats, Luxury Yachts, Container Vessels, LNG and Oil Tankers.

In addition, we supply direct to major Shipbuilders and Shipyards, Coast Guard and Naval Surface Vessels, Combat ships and Submarine.

Our welding and NDT processes are compliant with AWSD17.1, AWS D17.2, NAVSEA Technical Publications (Tech Pub 271 and 248)

We also provide quick turnaround repair services on exhaust bellows and expansion joints to vessels calling into port of Houston or Galveston. Call us today to find more about our repair services.

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Dual Expansion joints

Exhaust Bellows : Dual Expansion Joint for 825 SGTB Superior Engine

18” Dual Expansion Joint for a 16 cylinder White Superior 825 SGTB Engine

Bellows Systems has been manufacturing exhaust manifolds and exhaust bellows and expansion joints for Cooper-White Superior engines for over 40 years. Our exhaust manifold products cover the entire range of superior engines and include both,

  • Water jacketed (Wet) Manifolds
  • Insulated (Dry) Manifolds

    Our products with robust design have been in maintenance-free service for over two decades. As an example, the wet manifold designs for G825 series engines incorporate 4 ply nickel alloy bellows with liners on the inner jacket. This ensures the expansion joints last the life of the manifold. 

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