40 Inch ID Exhaust Manifold for Cooper Bessemer Z-330

Bellows Systems recently shipped another set of Exhaust Manifold sections for Z-330 engine. Z-330 is the largest of the Copper Bessemer 2 stroke Integral Compressor Engines. The Z-330 exhaust manifold has 40inch ID dry manifold. 

Exhaust Manifold for Cooper Bessemer Z-330

The OEM sectioned manifolds for Z330, W330 and V250 engines have several problems that have been observed during continuous service. These issues are discussed in detail BSI service bulletin (SB-100) first issued in July 1983. These include,

Inner shell crack on an OEM Z330 manifold common section.
  • The 40in tube cracks around the junction of the cylinder exhaust chute.
  • The exhaust chute from the base flange to the inner shell/tube cracks.
  • The removable insulation blanket deteriorates over time.

BSI dry manifolds for Z330 have numerous improvements over the OEM units. These include,

  • The 40” inner shell construction using thicker (3/8”) wall plate.
  • The  cylinder chute to inner shell/tube weld is CJP (100% penetration) and back welded on the inside.
  • 3/4” thk. stainless steel rod stiffeners
  • The outside insulation jacket includes 2” thick ceramic fiber  insulation.
  • Fiber glass cloth covered insulation blankets for the expansion joint and bolt gap. Both of which are covered under metal insulation cover.

All structural problems encountered in the OEM manifold are addressed

Bellows Systems also offers conversion from 1 piece or 2-piece manifold to fully sectional dry manifolds.

Bellows Systems continues to innovate and provide superior Exhaust System products for the Natural Gas Compression Industry. We manufacture exhaust manifolds and support all major legacy integral gas compressor engines.

40Inch ID Exhaust Manifold for Cooper Bessemer Z-330

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