36 Inch Universal Expansion Joint

Bellows Systems Inc ships another 36 Inch Universal Expansion Joint with Tie-Rods for an Oil Storage facility in West Africa!

As one of the Pioneers of the Expansion Joint industry Bellows Systems Inc recently shipped another 36 Inch [ 2.8 m long ] universal expansion joint with tie-rods. This high-pressure universal expansion joint will be used in an Oil Storage facility in West Africa.

Bellows Systems Inc undertook this project for an Oil tank rehab and expedited the entire process from design to fabrication within 6 weeks to meet the client’s tight timelines. As per the requirement, this was built with Stainless Steel Type 316 and was designed to take both axial and lateral movement.

36 Inch Universal Expansion Joint and tie rods

Universal Expansion Joints are normally designed to absorb any combination of axial and lateral movement and angular rotation in multi-plane piping arrangements. They are extremely well suited to the absorption of large amounts of lateral displacement.

Based in Houston, the Energy Capital of the World, Bellows Systems designs and manufactures metal bellows, expansion joints, exhaust systems, and associated products. Our products are used in diverse industries such as Oil and Gas Transmission, Petrochemical plants and Refineries, Power Generation, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, and many more.

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Exhaust manifold for cooper bessmer z-350

Exhaust Manifold for Cooper Bessemer Z-330

40 Inch ID Exhaust Manifold for Cooper Bessemer Z-330

Bellows Systems recently shipped another set of Exhaust Manifold sections for Z-330 engine. Z-330 is the largest of the Copper Bessemer 2 stroke Integral Compressor Engines. The Z-330 exhaust manifold has 40inch ID dry manifold. 

Exhaust Manifold for Cooper Bessemer Z-330

The OEM sectioned manifolds for Z330, W330 and V250 engines have several problems that have been observed during continuous service. These issues are discussed in detail BSI service bulletin (SB-100) first issued in July 1983. These include,

Inner shell crack on an OEM Z330 manifold common section.
  • The 40in tube cracks around the junction of the cylinder exhaust chute.
  • The exhaust chute from the base flange to the inner shell/tube cracks.
  • The removable insulation blanket deteriorates over time.

BSI dry manifolds for Z330 have numerous improvements over the OEM units. These include,

  • The 40” inner shell construction using thicker (3/8”) wall plate.
  • The  cylinder chute to inner shell/tube weld is CJP (100% penetration) and back welded on the inside.
  • 3/4” thk. stainless steel rod stiffeners
  • The outside insulation jacket includes 2” thick ceramic fiber  insulation.
  • Fiber glass cloth covered insulation blankets for the expansion joint and bolt gap. Both of which are covered under metal insulation cover.

All structural problems encountered in the OEM manifold are addressed

Bellows Systems also offers conversion from 1 piece or 2-piece manifold to fully sectional dry manifolds.

Bellows Systems continues to innovate and provide superior Exhaust System products for the Natural Gas Compression Industry. We manufacture exhaust manifolds and support all major legacy integral gas compressor engines.

40Inch ID Exhaust Manifold for Cooper Bessemer Z-330

Learn more about Exhaust Manifold products for Cooper Bessemer Engines at, our Cooper Bessemer Exhaust Systems

For a comprehensive list of our exhaust manifold products for gas compression and power gen industry please  visit us at, Exhaust Manifolds

Please contact us at info@bellows-system.com or (800) 233-0623.

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Bellows Systems to supply Expansion Joints to Bechtel for NASA’s Mobile Launcher 2 project

Bellows Systems to supply Expansion Joints to Bechtel for NASA’s Mobile Launcher 2 project

Bellows Systems, Inc. has been selected by Bechtel to design and manufacture the Expansion Joints for its Mobile Launcher 2 project. As part of the contract award, Bellows Systems will supply multiple sizes of Metal Expansion Joints which shall be manufactured at its Houston facility. 

Bechtel National Inc. is the prime contractor for NASA’s mobile launcher 2 (ML2) at Kennedy Space Center. Mobile Launcher 2 will be the ground platform structure used to launch the Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket and Orion spacecraft to the Moon. 

Bellows Systems to supply Expansion Joints to Bechtel for NASA’s Mobile Launcher 2 project

Photo Credit:  NASA/David Zeiters

About Bellows Systems

Bellows Systems, Inc. is one of the pioneers of the Expansion Joint industry and a leader in manufacturing a comprehensive line of metal Bellows and Expansion Joints. With over 40 years of experience, Bellows Systems is a trusted partner for major EPCs, Aerospace and Defense companies supplying key components for mission critical applications. Bellows Systems is ISO9001/ AS9100D certified and is a NMSDC recognized Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).   

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MTU 16v4000 Exhaust Bellows supplied for a Luxury Mega Yacht

Main Engine Exhaust Bellows for MTU 16v4000

We offer best in class quality and customer services.

Our multi-ply bellows are used in engine exhaust for marine main propulsion engines, onboard generators, and auxiliary power units. The engines we support include,

  •       Caterpillar
  •       Cummins
  •       Detroit Diesel
  •       Fairbanks Morse
  •       MAN Diesel
  •       Wartsila
  •       MTU and more   

Our products are used in commercial Tug boats, Barges, Pleasure Boats, Luxury Yachts, Container Vessels, LNG and Oil Tankers.

In addition, we supply direct to major Shipbuilders and Shipyards, Coast Guard and Naval Surface Vessels, Combat ships and Submarine.

Our welding and NDT processes are compliant with AWSD17.1, AWS D17.2, NAVSEA Technical Publications (Tech Pub 271 and 248)

We also provide quick turnaround repair services on exhaust bellows and expansion joints to vessels calling into port of Houston or Galveston. Call us today to find more about our repair services.

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Why Choose Bellows Systems

Why Choose Bellows Systems?

Why Choose Bellows Systems?Bellows Systems is a single source for industry’s most complete line of METAL BELLOWS, EXPANSION JOINTS & EXHAUST MANIFOLD SYSTEMS!

We specialize in multi-ply, long life expansion joints and can provide engineering assistance for any of your expansion joint/ metal bellows needs. Bellows Systems also help our clients build integrated systems and assemblies.

  • Custom Engineered Solutions
  • Best in Class Customer Service
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Precision Welded Tubing and Tubing Assemblies in Aerospace & Defense

Precision Welded Tubing and Tubing Assemblies in Aerospace & Defense

Precision Welded Tubing and Tubing Assemblies

Bellows Systems manufactures precision welded tubing and tubing assemblies for aerospace ducting, Rocket and Missile Components.

Our aerospace qualified welding processes include,

  • AWS D17.1, Specification For Fusion Welding Of Aerospace Applications.
  • AWS D17.2, Specification For Resistance Welding For Aerospace Applications.
  • AMS 2685, Welding, Tungsten Arc, Inert Gas (GTAW Method).
  • Numerous other current and legacy MIL standards
  • Aerospace and Defense customer specifications.
  • How can we help with your precision welded tubing
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A complete lineup of Piping Expansion Joints and Piping Bellows by Bellows Systems Inc

A complete lineup of Piping Expansion Joints and Piping Bellows by Bellows Systems Inc

Piping engineers are continuously faced with problems involving thermal movement, instability, limiting forces on equipment, and absorption of vibrations. The piping design must balance the economics of pipe loops and offsets, space, and fabrication against the cost of expansion joints.

Bellows Systems has made piping engineers lives easier by providing cost-effective, engineered bellows and expansion joint solutions for their piping designs. Its Kopperman Division established in 1894 is one of the oldest manufacturers of expansion joints.

Piping bellows and expansion joints may be used to absorb direct axial expansion or contraction, to absorb equipment vibration, to provide limitation of forces applied to critical equipment and to improve line stability through reduction and control of loads on pipelines.

We offer a complete lineup of piping expansion joint design options and standard sizes ranging from as small as 1” to 48” pipe OD. We can fabricate bellows from single-ply wall thickness of 0.004” to 0.072” and multi-ply designs with up to 6 layers for different pressure classes and vibration loading. Our high-pressure expansion joints can optionally be constructed with root reinforced bellows designs with integral root rings or equalizing rings

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Dual Bellows type universal expansion joints

Dual Bellows type universal expansion joints


Two different dual bellows type universal expansion joints,

  • 36” ID x 41” long with flanges for a compressor station in Texas, CAT GCM – 34 Exhaust.
  • 41” ID x 26” long with weld ends for a refinery in South America.

Dual universal expansion joints are the simplest type of universal expansion joint. They are typically used in low-pressure applications, such as exhaust ducting. They can absorb both axial and lateral movement in the piping.

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Dual Expansion joints

Exhaust Bellows : Dual Expansion Joint for 825 SGTB Superior Engine

18” Dual Expansion Joint for a 16 cylinder White Superior 825 SGTB Engine

Bellows Systems has been manufacturing exhaust manifolds and exhaust bellows and expansion joints for Cooper-White Superior engines for over 40 years. Our exhaust manifold products cover the entire range of superior engines and include both,

  • Water jacketed (Wet) Manifolds
  • Insulated (Dry) Manifolds

    Our products with robust design have been in maintenance-free service for over two decades. As an example, the wet manifold designs for G825 series engines incorporate 4 ply nickel alloy bellows with liners on the inner jacket. This ensures the expansion joints last the life of the manifold. 

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